September 9 & 10 2017 at The Luxury and SuperCar Weekend, VanDusen Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

ADESA Auctions the 1965 Factory Five Shelby Cobra

(all proceeds of this car sale go to Wounded Warriors Canada)



The WW-CAT Car

2017 Luxury
Supercar Auction

Shelby Cobra

This year’s car to be auctioned off is a 1965 Factory Five Shelby Cobra SCON Roadster  with 8000 miles. The car was originally gifted by Pat Beck of Dewar Western to his  brother in law  Eugene Ostrowercha from Edmonton Alberta. Eugene was only able to use the car for about a year and half before succumbing  to cancerand passed away on September 8, 2015. This year’s auction is dedicated to Eugene and his family, wife Patsy and daughters Dayna, Lacey and Tara. The Factory Five Manufactured Cobra features striking paintwork, a toneau cover, rare Smiths gauges, tubular control arms, coil-over shocks, Mustang EFI V-8 302engine power. Other great items include a roll bar, pop off fuel cap, polished wheels, racing harnesses, jet coated side pipes, and a wooded console housing a modern stereo, plus a small storage compartment.



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